Orange Brent Hinds Terror
Orange Brent Hinds Terror
Orange Brent Hinds Terror

Orange Brent Hinds Terror

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With two channels, four preamp tubes, and switchable 15-/7-/1-/0.5-watt operation, the Orange Brent Hinds Terror cooks up a dramatic range of clean, crunch, and chaotic tones at stage or bedroom volume levels. Brent's contributions include a tribal forehead tattoo, script signature, and Mastodon logo, as well as the unique sonic character contained within. The Natural channel delivers classic Orange chime with unlimited capacity for breakup. Enabling the Dirty channel unleashes the beast below, with oppressive crunch and laden lead potential. Unique to this Terror is a 3-band EQ, which helps carve out space in a multi-guitarist ensemble, and a Headroom/Bedroom switch, which drops output to a smoking-hot single watt for realistic tube sag and response at home and recording levels.
Two channels of Mastodon-fueled tone

The Orange Terror series has enjoyed a diverse and ever-growing roster of artists and sonic signatures. The latest in these, the Brent Hinds Terror, is bold and loaded for bear. Natural and Dirty channels, fueled by four preamp tubes, two output tubes, and a unique control set that includes a 3-band EQ, equip this amp for delicate chording to full-bore shredding.

15 watts for the stage. 1/2 watt for the home.

The Headroom/Bedroom (attenuation) switch drops this Terror's stage-ruling 15-watt output to a controlled single-watt purr. With this feature, the Brent Hinds Terror succeeds in bringing cranked-tube tone and response to bedroom players and recording enthusiasts everywhere. A front-panel switch halves wattage in either mode, adding 7- and half-watt operation into the mix for even greater versatility.

3-band EQ

Separate Bass, Middle, and Treble controls make the Brent Hinds one of the easiest Terrors to rein in. Push your tubes or shape the way your guitar interacts with the environment.

Tube-buffered effects loop

Run your reverb and delay stompboxes directly into the effects loop of your Brent Hinds Terror. A tube buffering stage lowers noise and raises headroom, with subtle shades of tube-y goodness. Equip yourself for a new reign of Terror with this Brent Hinds signature Orange amp from Sweetwater.

  • Signature head from Brent Hinds (Mastodon)
  • The latest addition to the Orange Terror series of amps
  • Bears the visual and sonic likeness of its namesake
  • Natural and Dirty channels cook up a dramatic range of clean, crunch, and chaotic tones
  • Powered by four preamp (3 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7) and two output (EL84s) tubes
  • Switchable 15-, 7-, 1-, and 0.5-watt operation equip this amp for the stage to the bedroom
  • 3-band EQ carves out space in a mix
  • Tube-buffered effects loop is stompbox ready
  • Footswitch jack for optional footswitch (not included)
  • 8-ohm (x2) and 16-ohm